Many high pressure vessels are used in isostatic pressing, polyethylene process and crystal growth application. The design condition of these high pressure vessels becomes more severe in pressure, temperature and cyclic operation. It was desired that design code for such high pressure vessels be issued enabling more reasonable design than ASME Section VIII Div.1 and Div.2. Against above request, ASME Sec. VIII Div.3 was issued in 1997. While in Japan the subcommittee for high pressure vessels in HPI was started in October 1997 in order to issue the Japanese code for high pressure vessels. At first the background of ASME Div.3 was investigated and then “Rules for Construction of High Pressure Vessels: HPIS C 106” was issued in 2005. That was some differences from ASME Div.3, because we considered that ASME Div.3 should be modified. The author has also been appointed as a member of ASME SG-HPV Committee since 2003. The author has proposed some modification and addition of rules for ASME Div.3 since 2000 and most of them already have been approved and incorporated in ASME Div.3. The background of these modification and addition of rules are shown in this paper.

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