Acoustically induced vibration (AIV) is a vibration of piping systems caused by the acoustic loading generated mainly from pressure reducing devices. Recently, the capacities of the pressure reducing systems have been increased and some of the piping systems which are susceptible to acoustic fatigue, such as in flare and depressuring system. Demands on the development of reasonable design method for AIV is increasing. In this paper, the mechanisms of the fatigue failure of branch connection due to AIV were intensively studied. Firstly, the mechanism of the stress concentration was discussed. branch vibration caused by the shell mode vibration was assessed using several branch connection models, massless rigid model, fixed rigid model, and beam model. Next, the relationship between shell-vibration and stress concentrations is studied and re-organized based on acoustic vibration theories. Finally, the risk of the fatigue failure of the branch connection due to acoustic loading was discussed.

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