When flexible pipes are subjected to internal flow, the pipes lose stability by flutter and divergence in increasing the fluid velocity. In addition, they also lose stability when they are subjected to external annular axial flow. In this paper, the pipe is subjected to internal flow and external flow at the same time. The dynamic stability of a double wall pipe structure system subjected to an internal flow and an external flow simultaneously is thought to be one of the important pipe structures for the development of a piping system in the field of ocean mining, and in the field of fluid energy generation, and so on. In this paper, the pipe structures are assumed to be composed of the cantilevered elastic tube structure. For the analysis of the internal flow, the conventional inviscid stability analysis method is applied. For the analysis of the external annular axial flow, both the viscous solution using the Navier-Stokes equation of motion and the ideal fluid solution which viscous influence are added to are applied. Changing the flow direction and the fluid velocity as for the internal flow and the external flow, the dynamic stability of the double wall pipes is investigated and discussed. Moreover, changing the flow rate and the density of a fluid and a structure, these effects on the stability of double wall pipes are investigated.

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