This document is aimed at comparing the fatigue analysis methods based on the RCC-M code and on the harmonized standard EN 13445-3 with a view to quantifying the associated deviations and uncertainties, at each step of the calculation, by taking into account every aspect of each code such as calculation thickness of the FE model, physical properties, combination method and fatigue curve.

This comparison study consists in analyzing the 4 Test Cases (TC) described below:

• TC1: Study of the cylindrical-edge transition cone with its upper shell/shell type full-penetration butt weld.

• TC2: Study of the feedwater nozzle (FWN) with its full-penetration weld on the nozzle support ring.

• TC3: Study of the misalignment effect of neutral axes at shell/shell type full-penetration butt weld level.

• TC4: Study of the out-of-roundness effect at shell/shell type full-penetration butt weld level.

The welds considered in this study are full-penetration butt welds whose RCC-M quality is Level 1, whose welding procedure has been qualified, which are dressed, made flush with base metal by grinding and which have been fully (100%) inspected by NDE.

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