At the present, base isolation system has been recognized by general earthquake resistant technique since the Great Hanshin Earthquake 1995. The seismic isolation will be aggressively applied to not only architectural and civil structures but also various structures, because the effectiveness on seismic safety had been demonstrated again in the Great East Japan Earthquake. In generally, although the base isolation system is divided into laminated rubber bearing type and friction sliding bearing type. In the case of former type, shape factor, maximum or minimum outer shapes and so on are restricted by the material characteristics in visco-elastic material.

In previous study, the research and development of laminated type base isolation device using urethane elastomer was carried out to upgrade a seismic safety for various structures. The fundamental characteristics was investigated from several loading test by using various experimental devices, and the design formula for the stiffness and equivalent damping coefficient is formulated as an approximate expression of mechanical characteristics until now. The mechanical characteristics based on the loading test up to 500% shear strain using experimental specimen with 100 × 100 mm cross-sectional shape. It was confirmed that urethane elastomer is not hardening up to 500% shear strain. Moreover, the experimental examination for aged deterioration in the urethane material has been continuously carried out. As the results, it was confirmed that the laminated type seismic isolation device using urethane elastomer is possible to develop as a practicable device from the stable mechanical properties as considering in design step.

In this study, the small-scale laminated type base isolation device using urethane elastomer is advanced to the direction of further technical upgrading and of scale down for light-weight structure as a sever rack. The first stage, basic properties of the urethane elastomer has been investigated by loading test. The second stage, the compression creep test with laminated type base isolation device has been investigated to confirm an effect on light-weight mechanical devices.

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