Creep rupture data of welded joints of ASME Grade 91 type steel have been collected from Japanese plants, milling companies and institutes, and the long-term creep rupture strength of the material has been evaluated. This evaluation of welded joints of Grade 91 steel is the third one in Japan as similar studies were conducted in 2004 and 2010. The re-evaluation of the creep rupture strength was conducted with emphasis on the long-term creep rupture data obtained since the previous study, with durations of the new data of up to about 60000h. The new long-term data exhibited lower creep strength than that obtained from the master creep life equation for welded joints of Grade 91 steel determined in 2010, then the master creep life equation was again reviewed on the basis of the new data using the same regression method as that used in 2010. Furthermore, the weld strength reduction factors obtained from 100000h creep strength of welded joints and the base metals are given as a function of temperature, where the master creep equations of the base metals are also redetermined in this study.

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