GH3535 supperalloy, whose grade of ASME is UNS N10003, is currently considered as a candidate material for solid-fuel and fluid-fuel molten salt reactor in china. During the development of procedures for welding GH3535 superalloy, consideration should always be given to the possibility that repair welding may be necessary. This paper presents weld repairs of GH3535 alloy rolled plates using gas tungsten arc welding with filler metal. The purpose of this work is to evaluate the low heat input process for weld repair of GH3535 alloy plates about the microstructure features and mechanical properties. The results demonstrated that sound joints without defects could be obtained after weld repairs. Due to repair thermal cycles on the original weld seam, the size of carbide precipitate became large, but repair welding is found to cause no decrease in short-term time-independent strength.

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