The present paper provides predictive creep deformation model for Gr. 91 steel at 600 °C. To cover primary-secondary creep regions, two types of creep models, i.e. Garofalo’s and RCC-MRx models were considered in the present study, where the parameters of Garofalo’s model were characterized based on experiment results, and the parameters of RCC-MRx model were determined by the values given in the RCC-MRx code. Furthermore, each creep model were developed based on CREEP (user creep subroutine invoked in ABAQUS) codes for applying to finite element (FE) simulations using commercial code. Then, FE analyses for creep deformation were performed by using the developed CREEP codes (for Garofalo’s and RCC-MRx models), and the results were compared with experiment data. As results, Garofalo’s model provides more accurate results than RCC-MRx model.

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