The influence of Ti element with the content from 0.018 wt.% to 0.112 wt.% on microstructure and mechanical properties of centrifugally cast 25Cr-35Ni-Nb alloy was investigated in this paper. The experiments were carried out by optical emission spectrometer, metallographic image analyzer, field emission gun scanning electron microscopy (FEG-SEM) equipped with an Oxford INCA energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS), tensile testing machine and creep testing machine. The results show that the microstructure and high temperature creep rupture properties of as-cast 25Cr-35Ni-Nb alloy are significantly affected by the addition of Ti. No precipitation of Ti carbides was observed in the alloy with the Ti content of 0.018 wt.%, whereas the skeleton (Nb, Ti) C were precipitated at grain boundaries when increasing the Ti content. Under the creep rupture condition of 1100 °C and 17 MPa, the rupture lives of 25Cr-35Ni-Nb alloy with Ti contents ranging from 0.04 wt.% to 0.112 wt.% were relatively higher. In addition, the role of Ti in ethylene pyrolysis furnace tube was also discussed in this paper.

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