Bends are an integral part of a piping system. Because of the ability to ovalize and warp they offer more flexibility when compared to straight pipes. Piping Code ASME B31.3 [1] provides flexibility factors and stress intensification factors for pipe bends. Like any other piping component, one of the failure mechanisms of a pipe bend is gross plastic deformation. In this paper, plastic collapse load of pipe bends have been analyzed for various bend parameters (bend parameter = tRbrm2) under internal pressure and out-of-plane bending moment for various bend angles using both small and large deformation theories. FE code ABAQUS version 6.9EF-1 has been used for the analyses. The goal of the paper is to develop an expression for plastic collapse moment for a bend using plastic work curvature method when the bend is subjected to out-of-plane bending moment and internal pressure as a function of bend angle and bend parameter.

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