Fitness for Service of CANDU feeder piping has been maintained through the feeder specific Aging Management (AM) Plan, which is called feeder Life Cycle Management Plan (LCMP), implemented by Canadian CANDU licensees. The CNSC REGDOC-2.6.3 describes aspects to be addressed to meet the nine attributes of an effective Aging Management Program (AMP). The LCMP was developed, along with Feeder Fitness for Service Guidelines (FFSG), through a comprehensive industry wide feeder integrity project, called Feeder Integrity Joint Project (FIJP), which had been carried out from 2003 to 2012. The LCMP, FFSG and Periodic Inspection Program (PIP) form the main elements of the AMP to maintain the Fitness for Service of feeder pipes which experience pipe wall thinning due to flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) and the other types of degradations. The effectiveness of the AMPs is continuously monitored through periodic in-service inspections. This paper describes the feeder AMP, from a regulatory perspective, against the nine attributes required in REGDOC-2.6.3.

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