Spiral wound gaskets are generally used to seal bolted joints working under high pressure and high temperature. The mechanical properties of the sealing element composed of the filler and the windings play important roles in the sealing performance and buckling strength of these gaskets. The proper modeling of a bolted joint that uses a spiral wound gasket requires the knowledge of the mechanical properties of the sealing element. The elastic modulus and Poisson’s ratio are often required in order to be used in any simplified analytical or numerical modelling of the gasket. A hybrid technique based on an analytical approach and experimental tests is developed to characterize the equivalent mechanical properties of spiral wound gaskets.

In this paper, an analytical model supported with numerical Finite Element Method (FEM) based simulation and experimental investigation is presented to characterize the mechanical properties of spiral wound sealing element. The results of the analytical model that are based on the theory of Lamé and consideration on the compatibility conditions between components, has an acceptable agreement with numerical simulation and experimental investigations.

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