The NRC Issued a Regulatory Issue Summary (RIS 15-10) which was an inquiry to the ASME Code Committee to review the in-service inspection requirements for Alloy 600 full penetration branch connections. This NRC request resulted in the initiation of two PWROG projects, PA-MSC-1283 and 1294.

PA-MSC-1283 is a Fracture Analysis to evaluate the crack growth rate of the various existing A600 configurations, heat treat conditions and operating loads. The results from this study would provide the technical basis for in-service inspection method and frequency.

PA-MSC-1294 is a project to consider contingency repair techniques and provide a bounding analysis for all nozzle configurations of the selected repair technique. The selected repair approach to be analyzed was a weld buildup referred as a Branch Connection Weld Metal Buildup (BCWMB) in the ASME Code Case (N-853) developed to provide the rules for design, implementation and inspection. Included in this project was a proof-of-principle phase to demonstrate that the repair methodology is implementable and assist in establishing the potential on component repair duration and anticipated dose.

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