Baffle Former Bolt (BFB) is a fastening part of Reactor Vessel Internals (RVI) of PWR. BFB is made of type 347 or 316CW (cold work) stainless steel and it is known to have the risk of cracking caused by Irradiation Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking (IASCC) under high neutron flux and tensile stress. To evaluate the time to crack of BFB, BFB’s time-dependent stress change caused by irradiation creep (relaxation) and by the swelling deformation of a baffle structure should be obtained. The authors have developed the finite element (FE) analysis method to calculate time-dependent stress of BFB considering the irradiation effects. The method combines two kinds of models; “global model” to calculate the deformation of whole baffle structure and “local model” to calculate the peak stress at the stress concentrated area under the bolt head. Incorporating the above calculation method, a new BFB inspection and evaluation guideline has been established in Japan. The concept of the guideline is also outlined in the paper.

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