In order to develop new design fatigue curves for austenitic stainless steels, carbon steels and low alloy steels and a new design fatigue evaluation method that are rational and have a clear design basis, the Design Fatigue Curve (DFC) subcommittee was established in the Atomic Energy Research Committee in the Japan Welding Engineering Society. Mean stress effects for design fatigue curves are to be considered in the development of design fatigue curves. The Modified Goodman approach for mean stress effects is used in the design fatigue curves of the ASME B&PV Code. Tentative design fatigue curves were developed and studies on the effect of mean stress and design factors are on-going. Development of design fatigue curves, effect of mean stress and design factors is needed to establish a new fatigue design evaluation method. The DFC subcommittee has studied correction approaches for mean stress effects and the approaches of modified Goodman, Gerber, Peterson and Smith-Watson-Topper were compared using test data in literature. An appropriate approach for mean stress effects are discussed in this paper.

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