The application of periodic foundations for structural vibration isolation has been intensively studied in the past decade. The ability of the periodic foundation to block the seismic wave on certain frequency ranges has put this kind of foundations as a prosperous next generation of seismic isolators. This paper first describes general idea of basic theory of one dimensional (1D) periodic foundation. The parametric studies based on the material and the geometric properties conducted in the past are discussed. The experimental tests on 1D periodic foundation are reported as well. Based on the promising results of the past research, 1D periodic foundations have been regarded as one of the simplest, yet effective foundation to block the seismic wave in all directions.

In addition to the review of the existing studies, enhanced analyses of 1D periodic foundations have been performed and are presented in this paper. Finite element analysis model of 1D periodic foundations with a three story steel frame as the superstructure was utilized for the parametric study. The study was conducted under both Shear Wave (S-Wave) and Primary Wave (P-Wave). The independent variables include the number of unit cells in the periodic foundation, the foundation and superstructure interaction, and the main frequency content of earthquake ground motion. It is found that the main frequency content of the earthquake and the natural frequency of the super structure-periodic foundation system play the major role in the superstructure response. While the number of unit cell affect the superstructure response, the effect is not as significant as the aforementioned.

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