For seismic analysis of nuclear structures, synthetic acceleration time histories are often required and are generated to envelop design response spectra following the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Standard Review Plan (SRP) Section 3.7.1. It has been recognized that without an additional check of the power spectral density (PSD) functions, spectral matching alone may not ensure that synthetic acceleration time histories have adequate power over the frequency range of interest. The SRP Section 3.7.1 Appendix A provides a target PSD function for the Regulatory Guide 1.60 horizontal spectral shape. For other spectral shapes, additional guidance on developing the target PSD functions compatible with the design spectra is desired. This paper presents a general procedure for the development of target PSD functions for any practical design response spectral shapes, which has been incorporated into the recent SRP 3.7.1, Revision 4.

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