This article presents vibrations analysis of the reactor core barrel caused by pressure pulsations induced by the main coolant pump. For this purpose, the calculations of the pressure distribution in the annulus between the core barrel and the reactor pressure vessel, bounded above by a separating ring were performed. Using transfer matrix method is obtained the solution of two-dimensional problem of pressure pulsations in the annulus between reactor core barrel and reactor vessel. The calculation results are compared with the pulsation pressure measurements made at commissioning unit 2 of the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Station. The distribution of pressure over the height of core barrel was obtained, which makes possible to estimate its strength for variant deformation of the core barrel as a beam, and in the case of deformation of the core barrel as a shell. The calculation results are used to assess the reliability of core barrel pre-load, which clamps the core barrel flange in place at the top, at full power operating.

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