In this experimental study, both environmental effects and various joining methods are investigated for their impact on the static and dynamic performance of multi-material lightweight single lap joints (SLJ). Adherends are conveniently divided into either composite-based or steel-based lightweight materials that include glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP), steel (St), aluminum (Al), or magnesium (Mg). A commercially available adhesive is selected for bonded-only and hybrid bonded-and-bolted joints. Changes in joint static load transfer capacity (LTC) and durability life are investigated for bonded-only, bolted-only, and hybrid bonded-and-bolted joints. Cyclic temperature profile fluctuates between 20° C and 80° C at a constant relative humidity (RH) level of either 20 % or 85 %. Effect on durability life is also studied under a cyclic load that fluctuates between 67.5 % and 75 % of the static load transfer capacity at ambient condition. Detailed discussion of the results, observations, and conclusions are presented in this paper.

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