Gasketed flange joint is a vital component in pressure vessels and piping systems. Flange joint is usually subjected to bending load due to expansion, wind load, self-weight, etc. Most of the flange design methods use equivalent pressure to include the effect of external bending loads. It becomes complex when the joint is subjected to bending load at elevated temperatures, due to the nonlinear behavior of gasket material. In the present work, performance of the flange joint has been studied under external bending load at elevated temperatures. A 3D finite element model is developed, considering the nonlinearities in the joint due to gasket material and contact between its members along with their temperature dependent material properties. The performance of the joint under different bolt preloads, internal fluid pressures and temperatures is studied. Flange joint with two gaskets (twin gasketed joint) placed beside each other radially, is also analyzed under external bending moment. The maximum allowable bending moments at different internal temperatures, for single and twin gasketed joints with spiral wound gasket are arrived.

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