Operational small leakage is occasionally observed in a nuclear power plant, and the leak forces an operator to decide whether to shut down the plant or not. Even if the leakage is just a little, it might draw the considerable attention in the society, so that the operator sometimes gets into the situation to judge more severely than technical judgment. Furthermore, at the time of plant restart and the system leak test just after maintenance, even the operator doesn’t accept any leakage considering the long management for the leakage up to the next outage.

On the other hand, once the operator shut down the plant, it sometimes takes long time to restart again because of the difficulty to obtain new pipes and valves in short time. The temporary repair techniques referred to the JSME code might be able to be applied to maintain the plant operation, however some difficulties exist in a practical process.

One of the authors has faced with many cases in which the operational small leakage had to be dealt at Tsuruga nuclear power station. This paper shows some cases of them and discusses lessons which are related to the codes and standards.

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