A probabilistic fracture mechanics (PFM) analysis method for pressure boundary components is useful to evaluate the structural integrity in a quantitative way. This is because the uncertainties related to influence parameters can be rationally incorporated in PFM analysis. From this viewpoint, the probabilistic approach evaluating through-wall cracking frequencies (TWCFs) of reactor pressure vessels (RPVs) has already been adopted as the regulation on fracture toughness requirements against PTS events in the U.S. As a study of applying PFM analysis to the integrity assessment of domestic RPVs, JAEA has been preparing input data and analysis models to calculate TWCFs using PFM analysis code PASCAL3. In this paper, activities have been introduced such as preparing input data and models for domestic RPVs, verification of PASCAL3, and formulating guideline on general procedures of PFM analysis for the purpose of utilizing PASCAL3. In addition, TWCFs for a model RPV evaluated by PASCAL3 are presented.

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