Using the Discrete Phase Model (DPM) model in fluent software, a simulation study for elbow erosion situation was performed for different inlet particle concentrations, inlet velocities and curvature radiuses based on the similarity theory. The distribution of the serious erosion location and the fluid field of elbow can be determined. The results of numerical simulations show that the maximum speed is in the region of the small and big bend surfaces of the elbow. The small bend surface has a minimum pressure and the big bend surface has a maximum pressure. The most serious erosion region is mainly located in the 52°–60° region of the big bend surface near the outlet. The position and shape of the serious erosion almost does not change with the inlet concentration and velocity. Finally, based on the dimensional analysis the simulation analysis was carried out. The empirical formula on the inlet concentration, inlet velocity and bend radius ratio are obtained. The error of the formula is acceptable by verification. The research results can provide an effective help for selection of the elbow, determination of dangerous operational conditions and life prediction of the elbow.

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