Due to hazardous chemicals with pressure inside and service in different areas, the transportable pressure vessels (TPV) are of high risks. Therefore, compulsory supervision should be carried out for the sake of security of TPVs all over the world. In China, TPV contains 5 categories, which are railway tank car, road tanker, tank container, tube trailer and tube container. In this paper, Chinese code and standard system of TPVs were introduced in detail by 5 levels, which are law, regulation, divisional regulation, safety technical regulation and standard. The scope and main content of the documents were presented briefly. The differences of the Chinese code and standard system were compared with that of EU and the United States. The causes of the differences were analyzed and some advices were brought forward. At last, basing on the current situation of the design, manufacture and inspection technology, the trends on development of Chinese codes and standards, tank material, design load, safety factor and allowable stress etc. of TPV were presented.

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