In conducting a Class 1 piping analysis per the simplified rules of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section III, Division 1, Article NB-3600, a fatigue analysis is required per paragraph NB-3653 for both Service Level A and Service Level B. The fatigue analysis provides two options. The options are dependent on Equation 10 of subparagraph NB-3653.1. If this equation is met for a given load set pair under consideration, then the analysis proceeds directly to subparagraphs NB-3653.2 through NB-3653.5. If however, Equation 10 is exceeded, the Code allows the use of a simplified Elastic Plastic Analysis as delineated in subparagraph NB-3653.6. The first requirement of NB-3653.6 is that both Equation 12 and Equation 13 must be met. The changes in the seismic design in the last 25+ years have not been appropriately reflected in the subparagraph NB-3653.6(b) Equation 13. Also, the Code provides no clear guidance on seismic anchor motions in paragraph NB-3650. In 2012 ASME Code Committees undertook an action to address these issues. This paper provides the background and basis for Code changes that are anticipated will be implemented in the near future in paragraph NB-3653.6 of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section III, Division 1 that will address both of these issues. This implementation will make the Elastic Plastic Fatigue rules of NB-3653.6 consistent with the design by analysis approach of NB-3228.5.

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