This report summarizes the results of a scoping fracture toughness tests at high and low temperature for thermally aged cast austenitic stainless steels (CASSs) in a pressurized water reactor (PWR) environment. CF8M (ferrite content = 10.1%, 18.9%) and CF8 (ferrite content = 10.5%) were thermally aged up to 5,000 hours at 465°C. Tensile tests, Charpy impact tests and fracture toughness tests were conducted in air at 325°C and 50°C. Fracture toughness tests were also performed in simulated PWR primary water. Although the effect of 325°C and 50°C in simulated PWR primary water and dissolved hydrogen on the fracture toughness (JIc and J-Δa relationship) were slightly observed, fracture toughness was greater than that predicted by the thermally aged fracture toughness prediction method (Hyperbolic-Time-Temperature-Toughness (H3T) model).

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