The 2015 edition of the RCC-MRx Code will be issued, by the end of the year, in French and English versions by AFCEN (Association Française pour les règles de Conception et de Construction des Matériels des Chaudières Electro-nucléaires). This Code set up rules applicable to research reactor components (coming from the RCC-MX 2008 developed in the context of the Jules Horowitz Reactor project), and to components operating at high temperature and to the Vacuum Vessel of ITER (coming from the RCC-MR 2007).

A significant work has been performed since 2012, first edition of the RCC-MRx, in order to improve the rules, to facilitate its use and understandability, and also to have a better fit with the feedbacks of the main projects (ASTRID, JHR, ITER).

This paper presents the technical evolutions in the 2015 edition and also the other initiatives led upstream (prenormative works) and downstream (publication of the rules background - criteria) of the publication of rules.

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