The paper describes the testing procedures and the basic results of the evaluation of the Small Punch Test (SPT) specimens after their irradiation in the Halden reactor in Norway. The SPT technique was used for estimation of basic mechanical properties as ultimate tensile strength and yield stress of the tested materials as well as the Fracture Appearance Transition Temperature (FATT).

The main aim of the work was to compare the SPT results obtained from the surveillance specimen programs implemented in the Slovak power reactors with the SPT results from the specimens irradiated in the research reactor in Halden. For the project there were chosen 3 types of steels used for construction of the reactor VVER 440/213 type in Bohunice NPPs in the Slovak Republic. The experimental materials were two bainitic steels — base metal and weld metal of the reactor pressure vessel wall and austenitic cladding of the reactor wall.

Two sets of SPT specimens together with mini-tensile specimens prepared from the experimental materials were irradiated in the Halden reactor. The samples were irradiated at 275°C to two fluence values which are equivalent to approximately of 4 and 6 campaigns in the power reactor. Obtained results are compared to up-to-date SPT results from the surveillance specimen program applied at Bohunice NPP in the Slovak Republic.

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