The region of the Czech Republic is mostly composed of the Bohemian Massif which is considered as a geological unit with low seismic activity. Nevertheless, all critical objects as the nuclear power plants, big dams etc. are built as aseismic structures. The nuclear installations have to satisfy the IAEA safety standards and requirements. One of important phenomena that have to be involved in the PSHA process is the diffuse seismicity.

In 2010 International Atomic Energy Agency issued a specific safety guide SSG-9 Seismic Hazards in Site Evaluation for Nuclear Installations. The key chapters are focused on general recommendations, necessary information and investigations (database), construction of a regional seismotectonic model, evaluation of the ground motion hazard, probabilistic seismic hazards analysis (PSHA), deterministic seismic hazards analysis, potential for fault displacement at the site, design basis ground motion, fault displacement and other hazards, evaluation of seismic hazards for nuclear installations other than NPPs.

In the paper a numerical example of seismic hazard assessment will be presented with emphasis on problems and particularities related to PSHA in countries with low seismic activity.

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