Structural strengths of the piping and components in NPPs have been designed with seismic margin. They are classified seismically S, B and C class in terms of the influence rate to nuclear safety. For the highest seismic class (Class S) equipment, it is clarified that they have enough seismic margins against design seismic conditions by shaking table tests or numerical simulations. However, for the lower seismic class (Class B and C) equipment, their seismic margins have not been clarified quantitatively.

In this paper, in order to evaluate seismic robustness of the lower seismic class equipment with no clarification of seismic margin, seismic influences of the lower seismic class equipment in NPPs damaged by actual large earthquakes have been surveyed and sorted as a database, and the integrity of the lower class equipment have been discussed.

Seismic effects on 24 plants damaged by the recent large 6-earthquakes are surveyed, sorted as a database, and investigated. As a result, a total of 29 cases of function deterioration or loss were observed. Considering the total number of components and piping, the frequency of those cases in class B and C components and piping was low. And also, as it is found there are a few cases of degradation or loss of function in the equipment installed on the bedrock or in the buildings.

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