Cumulative radiation embrittlement is one of the main causes for the degradation of PWR reactor pressure vessels over their long term operations. To assess structural reliability of degraded reactor vessels, the FAVOR code from the Oak Ridge National Laboratories of the United States is employed to perform probabilistic fracture analysis for existing Taiwan domestic PWR reactor vessels with consideration of irradiation embrittlement effects. The plant specific parameters of the analyzed reactor vessel associated with assumed design transients are both considered as the load conditions in this work. Further, two overcooling transients of steam generator tube rupture and pressurized thermal shock addressed in the USNRC/EPRI benchmark problems are also taken into account. The computed low failure probabilities can demonstrate the structural reliability of the analyzed reactor vessel for its both license base and extended operations. This work is helpful for the risk assessment and aging management of operating PWR reactor pressure vessels and can be also referred as its regulatory basis in Taiwan.

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