Currently, there are two well established and common types of gaskets which cover most critical high pressure and high temperature applications in industry. Spiral wound type gaskets have been in use as one of the most versatile types of gaskets since it was invented over 100 years ago by Flexitallic. Grooved metal gaskets with a covering of soft sealing material, also known as Kammprofile gaskets are the other most common type used in critical applications, these have also been in existence over 80 years. Each of these two types have their specific characteristics making them strong in some areas and less strong in other aspects. A novel type called “Change Gasket” is a cross between two types, that combines the beneficial features of each of the above types in one product. The various test results showing its improved performance over traditional gaskets, as well as engineering features built into this product will be discussed in this paper. This paper will discuss the recent developments and updates to Change gasket.

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