American Petroleum Institute (API) introduced the methodology, which is called Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), for calculating the risk of equipment operated in refinery or petrochemical plants [1]. However, RBI has limitations for applying directly to LNG plants, because API makes the RBI code suitable only to refinery or petrochemical plants. Especially, developing new gff value is needed, because RBI results can be influenced as generic failure frequency (gff) changes [2].

The objective of this paper is recommending new gff only for the main equipment in LNG plant. In order to solve the problem, three gffs will be used. The three are API providing gff value, the gff obtained by OREDA which gathers the data during long period in offshore petrochemical and gas plant, and the gff from real data of Test bed train No.1 working in the present [3]. In this respect, POF values which are calculated by API gff and OREDA gff will be compared. Afterward, the reliability of each cases will be verified by using operating data of Test bed train No.1.

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