ISO 13628-7 (ISO-7) for completion and workover (C/WO) riser systems was published in 2005 and adopted back by API as API RP 17G 2nd edition 2006 (identical). ISO-7 gives requirements and recommendations for the design, analysis, materials, fabrication, testing and operation of C/WO riser systems. This paper provides a brief introduction and background to some of the design and material requirements in ISO-7. The main focus is on requirements for calculation of static and cyclic (fatigue) capacities of metallic components in the C/WO riser system subjected to pressure and external loads. Some differences between ISO-7, API 6A (6A), API 6X (6X), API 17D (17D), ASME VIII Div. 3 (Div.3) and ASME VIII Div.2 (Div.2) are also included.

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