Special reciprocating compressors are required to reach the very high pressures necessary to feed the reactors used in LDPE plants. The working conditions of the compressors are determined by the reactor operating pressures and are considered for evaluation of the loads, torsional, pulsation and vibration conditions.

Performance and safety are key considerations and operator experience is essential for optimal and safe plant operation. Plant automation contributes to safety and optimizes process conditions.

The compressor start-up and shutdown procedures, commonly detailed in maintenance manuals, are analyzed studying the operating parameters to draw up guidelines for avoiding damage to plunger seals and keeping loads within design limits, without compromising the design performance. The multiple gas compositions of co-polymers and the fact that gas expansion can cause a reduction in temperature, need adequate consideration to avoid damage caused by polymer inside the compressor cylinders.

The paper will also give recommendations on the necessary procedures to reach the operating pressures with correct distribution of the total pressure ratio between the two stages.

These will also include the requirement of minimum pressure on the plunger head to maintain contact with the crosshead and avoid failure of such a brittle component.

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