Flow-induced vibration (FIV) has received considerable attention in recent decades. However, investigations of elastically-mounted cylinders undergoing forced rotation are limited. The present study aims to experimentally investigate the vibration response of a circular cylinder undergoing free transverse oscillations and forced rotation at a low mass ratio. The experiments were conducted in a free surface water channel on a cylinder attached to a motor and supported on an air bearing to provide low damping transverse oscillations and cylinder rotation. The amplitude response at constant rotation rates (α) of α = 1, 2 exhibits free oscillation response behaviour. Held at a constant reduced velocity, increasing α did not monotonically decrease the amplitude response of the cylinder. At reduced velocities associated with the upper branch response the oscillation amplitude increased until α = 2. At α = 2, the peak amplitude increased by 57% over a non-rotating cylinder. The cylinder’s oscillation frequency response is similar to that of a non-rotating cylinder with marginal reduction.

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