In this study, an estimation method of graphite dust production in the pebble-bed type reflector region of Korean HCSB (Helium-Cooled Solid Breeder) TBM (Test Blanket Module) in the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) project using FEM (Finite Element Method) was proposed and the amount of dust production was calculated. A unit-cell model of uniformly arranged pebbles was defined with appropriate thermal and mechanical loadings. A commercial FEM program, Abaqus V6.10 was used to model and solve the stress field under multiple contact constraints between pebbles in the unit-cell. Resulting normal contact forces and slip distances on contact points were applied into the Archard adhesive wear equation to calculate the amount of graphite dust. The friction effect on contact points was investigated. The calculation result showed that the amount of graphite dust production was estimated to 2.22∼3.67e−4 g/m3 which was almost linearly proportional to the friction coefficient. The analysis results will be used as the basis data for the consecutive study of dust explosion.

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