Part 1 of this paper was presented by Mr. Chris Hinnant at the 2008 PVP Conference in Chicago. Since 2008 additional fatigue test data has become available to the Paulin Research Group (PRG) which includes tests on unreinforced fabricated tees intended to support the fatigue curve approach established in the 2008 paper, and twenty-five additional straight pipe cantilever fatigue tests on carbon, stainless, duplex, CuNi, P91, X42 and X65 materials. These more recent experimental results confirm the fatigue slope recommended for cantilevers in the 2008 paper, but suggest that the original Markl slope may be more suited for some configurations of branch connections. Comparisons of the B31 Code allowable with failure data, tests, reviews of ratcheting behavior in pipe systems, and crack growth monitoring help draw conclusions about design equations in the B31 Codes and fatigue test procedures.

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