In general, there are two methods to pass on design information in a petrochemical plant design: the manual data key-in method and the file data transfer method. The manual data key-in method is a basic method to pass on data; but this method is time consuming to assign data in one by one fashion. The file data transfer method is a mapping file data from one program to another program under certain specific function and criteria.

This paper starts with how to use a file data transfer method to create a stress analysis model, and then proposes an approach to transfer the stress analysis result to a structural analysis program by using the Pipe Loadings Transfer Program.

In a piping design using 3D plant design software for modeling, the piping design information can be directly transferred to the stress input file by using point vectors to create a stress analysis model. The concepts of a pipe support vector and a beam vector were introduced to transfer the pipe loadings from stress analysis results to a structural analysis program.

The advantages of using a file data transfer method are simple, fast, and accurate.

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