High acoustic energy is known to cause vibrations in pipes, and in some severe cases acoustic induced vibration can lead to fatigue failure at branch connections with high stress concentration. Industry guidelines suggest using mitigation measures such as fabricated full wrap-around reinforcement pad (re-pad) or Sweepolet fittings at branch connections. Effectiveness of these mitigation measures is evaluated via a finite element analysis of four types of branch connections; (i) Sockolet, (ii) Sockolet with 2″ wide partial re-pad, (iii) Sockolet with full wrap-around re-pad, and (iv) Sweepolet. Four distinct acoustic frequency ranges (1/3 octave bands) with associated sound pressure levels are used as the excitation source. Maximum stress levels in the main header pipe at the branch tie-in are monitored to assess the potential for vibration damage. Of the four branch connections, Sockolet with full wrap-around re-pad is found to be least susceptible to damage, followed by the Sweepolet. Unreinforced Sockolet is most susceptible to damage, and the Sockolet with partial re-pad is only marginally better.

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