The objective of this paper is to use finite element analysis in determining stresses in a Vortex Finder. Vortex Finder is tube projecting into central vortex of hydro cyclone or dense medium cyclone through which the classified fines or lighter specific gravity fraction of pulp leaves the system. Two Loading Conditions are considered. The stresses determined for the loading conditions are compared with allowable stresses for the material used for the Vortex Finder. Modifications are made to the Vortex Finder and in that also several design modifications are considered. Case 1 Original Design. Case 2 Modified model add eight Additional support connections and eight guests. Case 3 Same as Case 2 Double Elements to see effect on stresses. Case 4 Vortex Finder Modified Double Elements Air Velocity 100 ft. /sec. Case 5 Vortex Finder Modified Double Elements Change in Air Velocity 100 feet/sec. Add 6 support connections and guests removed. Case 6 Vortex Finder Modified Double Elements Air velocity 100 feet per sec. Add six more support connections and gussets Remove gussets move support points closer. For all the cases the stresses were compared with the allowable stresses. It was determined Case 6 with 24 total supports was the best. No Gussets. Support points moved closure. The maximum stress obtained by FEA Model meets the allowable stresses. This is robust design modification. This was implemented.

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