A series of seismic table tests about the large steel cylindrical liquid storage tank models with floating roof were taken in this study. Different direction seismic excitations were input to the experimental structure system under different working conditions to test and analyze the seismic response behavior. The effects of various factors, such as the liquid surface height, the floating roof, the different wave amplitudes and frequencies, as well as their combined effects to the seismic dynamic response were taken into account. Dynamic fluid pressure data was got by the tests, and a new method that rain flow counting method was used in this study, in order to consider mean pressure throughout the vibration process, the pressure amplitude and the effective amplitude of the cumulative number of cycles factors together. Through this method, the strength of the dynamic fluid pressure could be described more reasonably. In addition, the relationship between the test results and the tank uplift responses which were studied in our former work were discussed. A reliable basis could be provided for theoretical analysis, structural design and computer numerical simulation research through this investigation.

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