In NUREG-1801 (GALL) Revision 0 and Revision 1, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) defined the locations evaluated in NUREG/CR-6260 as a minimum acceptable set for evaluation of environmentally assisted fatigue (EAF), in addressing license renewal for nuclear plant components. Within GALL Revision 2, the NRC revised the expectation, so that plants also investigate the possibility of other locations being more limiting. To address GALL Revision 2 and NUREG-1800 Revision 2, an EAF screening methodology was developed that considers all Safety Class 1 reactor coolant pressure boundary components in major equipment and piping systems that are susceptible to EAF, including those locations listed in NUREG/CR-6260. While the overall screening process steps are similar to those published by EPRI, elements of the detailed application of some steps were performed using alternative techniques. The screening process utilized the comprehensive database of plant component fatigue qualifications available in NSSS vendor documentation, and yielded a comprehensive list of lead indicator locations for EAF consideration. This paper describes the overall process and alternate methods in the context of a specific plant license renewal application.

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