For Class 1 components, the consideration of the environmental effects on fatigue has been suggested to be evaluated through two different methodologies: either NUREG/CR-6909 from March 2007 or ASME-Code Case N-761 from August 2010. The purpose of this technical paper is to compare these two methods. In addition, the equations from Revision 1 of the NUREG/CR-6909 will be evaluated.

For these comparisons, two stainless steel component fatigue test series with documented results are considered. These two fatigue test series are completely different from each other (applied cyclic displacements vs. insurge/outsurge types of transients). Therefore, they are producing an appropriate foundation for these comparisons.

In general, the severities of the two methods are compared, where the severity is defined as the actual number of cycles from the fatigue tests, including an evaluation of the scatter, divided by the number of design cycles from the two methods. Also, how stable the methods are is being evaluated through the calculation of the coefficient of variation for each method.

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