The stress intensity factor (SIF) solutions for circumferential through-wall cracks (TWCs) in cylinders are used for various fracture mechanics analyses. For example, it can be used to calculate the crack growth rate for stress corrosion cracking and to calculate the elastic J value which is needed to obtain the total J value for crack stability calculations. Thus, numerous SIF solutions have been published for circumferential TWCs in cylinders under axial tension and global bending. However, recently, it has been indicated that there is a need (e.g., for xLPR software code and ASME BPV Code Case N-513) to expand the solutions to wider ranges of crack lengths and cylinder geometries.

In this paper, solutions from Lacire et al., API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 and Zang (SINTAP) were compared against results from independent finite element (FE) analyses performed by the authors. From these comparisons, it was demonstrated that the Zang (SINTAP) solution provided the most accurate results. Hence, additional FE calculations were performed to expand the Zang (SINTAP) solution to cover Ri/t between 2 and 100 and crack length between 1% and 85% of the cylinder circumference. Furthermore, for practical applications, closed-formed solutions were developed for both axial tension and global bending loads. These new solutions were planned for use in the xLPR software code and ASME BPV Code.

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