Rheological properties of magnetorheological gels can be changed reversibly by applied magnetic fields. Magnetorheological gels with different material system are characterized the dynamic response of the material by shearing test in magnetic field. Nonlinear behavior is observed in the dynamic response of the material. To understand mechanism of the behavior, dynamic properties of magnetorheological gels are evaluated by experiment and nonlinear viscoelastic model. Magnetorheological gels used in this study consist of three types of paramagnetic particles and a cyclic-poly-siloxane gel matrix. Three material systems of magnetic particles are chosen: Fe-Si-Ni, Si-Fe and Fe-Si-B-Cr types. Shear testing is conducted in magnetic field 0mT, 105mT and 211mT. The stress-strain response under shear deformation is characterized by non-ellipsoidal hysteresis loop due to nonlinearity of the response. To identify the nonlinear properties, analysis in frequency domain is applied to identify the dynamic response of the material. Nonlinear viscoelastic model with high order components is made and phenomenon of the non-ellipsoidal hysteresis loop in the stress-strain relation and damping properties are illustrated.

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