In this paper we address the identification of the spectral and spatial features of random flow excitations, for multi-supported tubular components such as steam generator tubes and nuclear fuel rods. In the proposed work, source identification is performed from a set of measured vibratory responses, in the following manner: (1) The modal response spectra and modeshape amplitudes at the measurement locations are first extracted through a blind decomposition of the physical response matrix, using the SOBI method; (2) The continuous modeshapes are interpolated from the identified values at the measurement locations; (3) The system modal parameters are identified from the modal responses using a simple SDOF fitting technique; (4) Inversion from the modal response spectra is performed for the identification of the modal excitation spectra; (5) Finally, an equivalent physical excitation spectra as well as the flow velocity profiles are estimated. The proposed approach is illustrated with identification results based on realistic numerical simulations of a multi-supported tube under linear support conditions.

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