In the present paper the attention is focused on vortex shedding synchronization on acoustic resonance in in-line tube banks which occurred in the two-dimensional model of boiler. And we have examined the verification of proposed modeling method. We measured the characteristics of acoustic resonance, acoustic damping, the pressure fluctuation on the surface of tubes at the nodes of acoustic pressure and the acoustic pressure fluctuation on the side wall of the duct. As the acoustic mode number increased, the acoustic damping ratio decreased. As the tube pitch ratio in the flow direction decreased, the acoustic damping increased for all acoustic modes and the vortex shedding frequency became broad-band. The multiple resonance modes of lower acoustic damping were generated within the broad-band vortex shedding frequency. If the acoustic resonance occurred, the peak level of spectrum of surface pressure fluctuation and the coherence between vortex shedding and wall acoustic pressure in the tube banks also increased. The features of experimental results agree well with those obtained by using the proposed modeling method. We have discussed the characteristics of vortex shedding synchronization by using proposed the modeling method.

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