This paper deals with the numerical and experimental determination of stability derivative inside a parallel triangular tube bundle for pitch Reynolds number Rep ∈ [60 3.104]. The present work focuses on the derivative of the lift coefficient, in the direction transverse to the flow, of the central cylinder for Rep ∈ [60 1.2.103]. We consider a viscous and incompressible flow for both approaches. First, experiments were done in a loop containing an adjustable central cylinder set with strain gauges to indirectly measure the lift derivative, via the moment of lift. Reynolds number is controlled by using a few glycerin solutions with different viscosities. In parallel, same flow conditions were simulated within 2D simulations. Comparisons were performed between experimental and numerical results. A critical Reynolds was found where the stability derivative seems to cross zero. This fact raises a question about applicability of quasi-steady model for fluidelastic instability.

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