Multiphase-Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Reduced-Order Method has been proven to be efficient for the low-cost study of fluid-structure interaction mechanisms. Applications to a single tube under cross-flow, then to a tube bundle system revealed good behaviours of this method, which was shown to be able to accurately reproduce the velocity flow field as well as the solid displacement, even in the case of large magnitudes. The goal here is to go further by studying an instability mechanism with the Multiphase-POD technique, involving a tube array configuration because of its high interest in the nuclear domain. We first want to know if this method can reproduce critical to unstable cases and finally, we are interested in the possibility of leading a parametric study coupled with the Multiphase-POD Method in order to evaluate the instability threshold. Indeed, parametric studies coupled with a reduced-order method could lead to a CPU time additional gain, since only one basis calculation could cover several configurations with low computational cost.

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